Your Stress Relief Specialists 



                                 Special Sessions

Supporting our Veterans with natural stress relief, pain release 

and emotional support.

- Bach Flower Remedies 

- Reiki Sessions

- Meditation

- Essential Oils

"A leading difficulty with the average golf player is that he totally misunderstands what is meant by concentration. He may think that he is concentrating hard when he is just merely worrying"

When you quiet the mind, you can relax your body. Reiki can create balance in the body & relieve tension,which can improve your game.

The gentle energy of Reiki can help your dog to have a more peaceful life. Many dogs suffer from anxiety due to trauma, abuse, loud noise, crowds, strangers and even other dogs. They can take on the energy and emotions of their home environment. Their unconditional love, loyalty and support of their owner can be taxing on them at times. Reiki can release these sensations and help your dog feel at ease.


                                                                 - calms fearful & nervous dogs

                                                                 - reduces stress

                                                                 - induces relaxation & promotes healing

                                                                 - increases trust & human bonding

                                                                 - accelerates healing after injury or surgery

                                                                 - immune support stimulation